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Renovation is a good time to plan more complex energy efficiency improvements. Our reports can help you with planning the renovation on two stages, planning and building approval. On planning stage you can use the reports to decide which energy efficiency measures to include in the process. On building approval stage we can provide certified plans using either software or DTS (Deemed To Satisfy) reports. Which method is used depends on the scope of works you are undertaking. In the renovations you can make changes to the existing home (alteration) or add new floor space (addition) and the type of rating depends on the size of each in relation to the existing house. It also depends if the whole house must comply with regulations or just the new area. A table below shows these options

On planning stage you might want to consider what energy efficiency measures can be included. Renovation is a good time to implement some more difficult measures which otherwise would be more expensive or not possible to do. For example, if part of external wall is to be removed or modified, its a good time to add wall insulation. You can also redesign your heating and cooling, convert from gas to electricity or install solar power. Topping up ceiling insulation where the roof space is accessible should also be considered with any renovation because of the relatively low cost. Our reports can help with choosing which improvements you should make

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