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VEU Rebates

The rebates are available through VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrades) Scheme and include showerheads, door sealing, exhaust fan covers, and energy monitors. Rebates are also available for installation of eligible heating and cooling appliances, hot water, window film and double glazing.  


Our Scorecard Report and Pre-Purchase Report (which is based on Scorecard assessment) includes information about rebates on any improvements we recommend. Both reports are also be eligible for a VEU rebate discount. The rebate is $150 and will be automatically credited when you order Scorecard or Pre-Purchase report.  


You can also visit VEU site for more information about the scheme


Or visit our rebate website

We are accredited with VEU under Homelab Building Services trading name and you can read about the range of all rebates we can provide, and register to receive claim forms and step-by-step checklists with instructions how to complete each claim.   






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