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Regulatory Rating required for building permits or non-regulatory variation at planning stage

Sustainability Rating System to compare new and old buildings across range of categories and climates

Customized reports and tailored services focusing on specific sustainability issues 

Accredited for FR5, BERS Pro & Hero

Be Energy Efficient NatHERS

For Builders, Owner Builders, Architects

Required for building approvals of new homes, extensions & alterations

Accredited with Scorecard 

Be Energy Efficient Scorecard Certificate

For Residents, Real Estate Agents

Helps when buying, selling, renting, 

renovating or making the house more sustainable 

Accredited w​ith VEU (VEET) scheme

Be Energy Efficient Home Energy Assessment

For Home Owners, Residents

Helps making targeted sustainability changes  or solving specific issues

" Thank you so much for your analysis. The report was very readable and full of detailed and practical tips . . . 

 I will be working on a weather stripping solution for the windows. Most importantly we will apply for the ceiling and underfloor insulation solutions as soon as possible . . .  "                      

" Thanks for the additional information. This is so interesting. "

Helen, Eltham

" Just reading through all of this - this is fantastic. Will definitely try and use you for any of the upgrades I can because you deserve the business"

JF, Richmond

"I am also following up on insulation, double glazing windows and solar panels as you recommended. I put the rest on hold. Your report helps me prioritise the next improvement."

Rob, Ringwood

"Thank you for the NatHERS report. You have gone the extra mile for us with your helpful explanations and recommendations of various upgrade scenarios. You have provided us with the detailed information we need to make informed decisions about the existing house, upgrade options, and future extensions. "

Angus, Hume

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